Are You Kidding?

Baby, I want you. For those of you who have already frequented internet dating sites, you will know exactly what I’m talking about. For those who are still juggling the idea, consider the value of humorous interactions as one of your pros in the decision making process. You wouldn’t believe how some individuals approach the … More Are You Kidding?

Deposits for Life

Regardless of whether the first, second, third (or…) person we meet online is Mr. or Miss Right, the experience of putting ourselves out there constitutes a journey of personal growth and awareness. Relationships teach us about ourselves and equip us to love others; to discern what fruit we observe both in their lives and ours; … More Deposits for Life

Fantasy vs. Reality

Oh, what a dangerous place is the world of fantasy!  Question: Does online dating make us susceptible to fantasy? We interact with people we don’t know, don’t see and have no way of watching in everyday life. We stake a relationship and perhaps our life on the profile and email communications of a complete stranger! … More Fantasy vs. Reality

Piecing Puzzles

From the very beginning of this online dating adventure, I truly desired God’s plan for me regarding marriage and dating – nothing else would be good, even if I initially thought so. I had already proved that by my past choices. So I decided that if God actually had a third marriage (my confession? I … More Piecing Puzzles