Deposits for Life

Regardless of whether the first, second, third (or…) person we meet online is Mr. or Miss Right, the experience of putting ourselves out there constitutes a journey of personal growth and awareness. Relationships teach us about ourselves and equip us to love others; to discern what fruit we observe both in their lives and ours; and to uncover what type of person fits with us.

Each person I met online left me with something. I hope the same proved true for people who came in contact with me. What did I deposit into their lives? Hope, beauty, encouragement, my love for Jesus, and a prodding to seek Him more deeply for themselves? I pray so.

I came away with a deeper conviction that I am smart, beautiful, fun, intelligent and great company. I learned about different states, countries and cultures. My mind swims with the information I gleaned about truck driving, snow, fine wine, old barns, photography, and moonlight. And that was even before I met my brilliant husband!

One important hind-sight lesson I can confess to is this: each man that I found interesting appealed to me because of just one or two characteristics. One guy had a great sense of humor, another wrote beautiful emails, one man showed wise business sense, and still another was well-read and intelligent. I liked each one initially because of a particular trait that drew me to him. Yet, within a short time, I felt an overall lack of interest – probably on both sides. But when God revealed Brendan (my husband), I felt as if I were opening a never-ending stack of Christmas presents! He possesses ALL of the great qualities that I had admired, and then some.

Obviously, I can pass that on now, after the miraculous meeting and marriage, but if someone had told me that my Mr. Right would be all that and more, maybe I would have waited more patiently while wading though internet suitors…or maybe not.

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