Traveling Posts

Well, I’m off to Poland next week for my son’s wedding so I am wondering how I will work in writing. Even though I love to write, creating a schedule and sticking to it so that I accomplish my goals isn’t always as easy as I would like. Something always seems to press me until … More Traveling Posts

How Did You Know?

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting a couple of young women from Switzerland and as usually happens when we first meet someone, the topic came up of how I met my husband. If you’ve been following my blog, you’ve read how it usually goes… Me:”We met online.” New acquaintance: “No way! Really?” Me: “Yep. … More How Did You Know?

Meeting Face to Face

Perhaps you’ve met someone interesting online, and you’d like to meet them. Let’s assume that you have invested time emailing with each other, first on the dating site and then through your personal email. If this has taken place all in one night, stop! Go back to the post titled Are You Kidding before proceeding! … More Meeting Face to Face