The Desires of Our Hearts

One of the things I’ve learned about God is that he delights in giving us the desires of our hearts, no matter how small or whether we’ve prayed for them in earnest or only thought them. I believe he created us and put those exact desires in our hearts, or at the very least, knew what things would delight us. He longs to see our stunned amazement and joy when he fulfills them.

Like when we parents know about something our child wants so badly for Christmas, and we are able to provide that gift, that heart’s desire for them. When we watch our precious youngster untie the ribbon and unwrap the paper, and we see the astonished rapture on their face, our joy exceeds that of their own. I think God feels the same way about us.

Some verses in the Bible describe God’s longing to give us gifts that will surpass our expectations and joy, stating that he gives us the desires of our hearts, fulfilling them with good things (see Matthew 7:11; Psalm 37:4; and Psalm 103:5). I confess that I clung to those verses, desperately wanting them to be true. I witnessed them in small ways, but when God brought me Brendan, it was as if he said, “See, I remember every little, seemingly unimportant request or desire you have ever made whether you spoke it or just thought it. Merry Christmas, little one. I love you.”

The list of those “little” requests seems indefinite as I learn more and more about my husband. His Aussie accent; the fact that he can speak French; loves to read; teases me with playful silliness; adores children; can outshop me (yes, really!); and has become an avid hockey fan display only some of the wonderful attractions that have fulfilled my heart’s desires. Every day feels like Christmas morning with an unlimited pile of presents to open!

Amazingly, the adventure of gifts began long before I ever met Brendan face to face. Two years before he winked at me, I had begun praying for him. Of course, I didn’t know who or where he was then, but I felt a deep impression on my heart that God had someone for me who was far away (I thought maybe Nebraska or Maine, not Australia). I sensed that he would be a widower with children. Since I had always longed for more children–a desire I just couldn’t seem to dislodge from my heart no matter how hard I tried–the idea that God might have a man out there for me who would also have children thrilled me. But, I wanted to be sure that impression came from God, not just my own thoughts or wishes, so every time the thought came, I would pray for whoever it was out there who was suffering the loss of a spouse and needed God’s help in parenting his children on his own. I prayed for comfort and wisdom, and that God would take care of all his needs whatever they may be.

When I first read Brendan’s profile and found that he was indeed a widower, I felt drawn by a thrill of possibility. Later, when I met his children, I felt convinced that God knew what he was doing. Now I can’t imagine life without them all.

God is the giver of good gifts. Wow! Who would have ever thought? Never in my wildest dreams could I have expected all the good I have received. And God is delighted every time another desire of my heart is fulfilled.

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