Writer’s Woes – A Post About Not Posting

So I managed to post a blog while in Poland, but hit me with the holidays, family visiting and decorating/shopping for Christmas and suddenly two Wednesdays (my usual post day for those not counting) have passed me by with nary a word posted! What a slacker! I hear myself say and am reminded that it takes twenty-one repeats of something to make a habit (posted 19), but apparently only two the opposite way to break it. Unless of course it is something we really hate doing like smoking or yelling at our children or criticizing our spouse; forget those habits reverting to something great when we don’t do them twice in a row!

Here’s my amateur writer confession: I can’t seem to make my writing a job in terms of scheduling. I tend to chores, lengthy discussions with my husband, children, immigration issues, utility companies, friends, etc., but can’t seem to make time to write. I love to write, and when I actually sit down and start, I’m hard pressed by any of those previously mentioned demands to stop…I could almost let my children starve for dinner if I am on a writing roll. So what is my problem?

I have a plan of attack though. First, I’m making myself write this post even though I realize the confessions of an online dater posts are the one’s being followed, and I feel as if I am letting my few readers down to write this instead. BUT I’ll be back on that track by Wednesday again, and I’ll make every attempt to make the anticipation worth it. Secondly, I intend to pester my writing group today for their input regarding this matter. Is this a writer curse across the board or is it just me that lacks…something to get the job done?  I’ve also posted a quote by another writer, Holly G. Miller, on my bulletin which I look at nearly every day that states ” A writer doesn’t FIND time to write, she MAKES time to write.” I so agree Holly, but I’m not sure how….

With that said, I will be late for my writing group if I don’t stop this post now. Does it count as writing if I’m not actually typing but meeting with other writers to talk about writing??? Trying to justify. Darn! There I go again….

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