I confess that writing a blog while writing a book on the same topic is a little tricky especially when they aren’t exactly coinciding. My blog is ahead of my book, but I realize I’ve left parts out…crucial parts, and I tend to feel tempted to go back and fill in the blanks. For those … More Relationships

The Bigger Picture

Is it cheesy to cry while writing your own book? I confess that it’s happened two times this week! At one point, the scene from Romancing the Stone  came to mind. You know the part in which Joan Wilder (played by Kathleen Turner) is typing out the last page of the novel she’s writing and … More The Bigger Picture

It Only Gets Better

By the time we had Brendan’s police report, medical clearances (sealed in unopened envelopes), birth certificates, death certificate, copies of current passports and the copied stack of all the original application paperwork, we only had a few weeks left until our wedding. We had booked airline tickets for Brendan and the kids because we felt … More It Only Gets Better