His Love Heals

Another miscellaneous excerpt… Brendan and I took our relationship in leaps and bounds. We continued to write poetry for one another finding that the Lord used the words to reach a deeper place in each of our hearts that needed healing, deliverance and a voice of expression. Because of my past experiences, I didn’t trust … More His Love Heals

Are We There Yet?

I confess. I’m an amateur. Truly, and I can’t get it together enough to write my blog in a timely fashion. Sad face here. But I think I have a fairly good excuse as far as amateurs go. If I held a professional title, I don’t think it’d fly, but maybe as an amateur… Here’s … More Are We There Yet?

Writing in My Sleep

Last night dreams swirled through my head and I found myself waking up a few times momentarily convinced that I was living the story in my book. Since the book I’m writing is based on my personal experience, I have already lived it, but it felt strange to be in the middle of it again–if … More Writing in My Sleep


The book I’m writing fills my mind. I feel the end coming like a train rushing at me. I couldn’t stop it if I wanted to. And I hate having to stop (like for food or sleep or children) because I see the finish line in the distance. The words pour over and through and … More Words

Excerpts Continued…

     Brendan “winked” (like a Facebook Poke) at me a few days later. Ok, six to be precise. And yes, I did count. I was sitting in my favorite chair in my bedroom/office, and Carol was working at our desk. I saw the “wink,” a computer generated standard email that indicates someone’s interest without them … More Excerpts Continued…