New Wine

The last post showcased the first poem Brendan wrote for me.  In honor of National Poetry Month, I share a poem I wrote for Brendan:

New Wine

His world is grey and rain pours down

His breath is gone, in pain he drowns

No sense, no comprehension found

Where did she go, and why, why now?


Hearts scream at God’s untimely plan

Death in spring, no place to stand

When life bursts forth with beauty grand

We say goodbye with empty hands


Young hearts and old will carry on

In numbness, grief, all hope, but gone

This tragic loss, paused life not done

These soldiers drag their bodies home


Memories flood the halls and rooms

Kids tucked in and bright full moons

Tears and laughter mingle soon

Dirge and melody played in tune


Then comes the time to say farewell

To hold the past, but lose the hell

Hearts cry less, and memories swell

No longer on the loss they dwell


Into his world a light has dawned

An unexpected gift from God

With ray of hope and life, a bond

Is formed in hearts and souls abroad


It makes no sense, and yet it brings

New life and once again, they sing

Where burdened hearts despaired, the King

Brought love and life, not former things


But now the challenge comes at last

To say goodbye, put down the past

Embrace new life and hold it fast

Trust Him who leads in all that’s passed


Old skins will never new wine hold

Without they burst with sorrow old

And lose the love and joy foretold

To forge ahead; be brave, be bold


What lies behind, now lies ahead

But with another heart instead

And greater joy surpasses dead

When love’s embraced, and past lives shed

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