What Makes a Writer a Writer?

I just read a blog post by Jeff Goins that challenged writers to believe we are a writer when we say we are. I love that!

Last April I attended Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference for the first time. I was terrified, but I wanted to write since I was a kid. Attending the conference made a statement to myself; you will take writing seriously. I set some goals and worked to learn the craft of writing. This blog confesses my amateur status, but when I read Jeff’s blog, I realized he’s right. Our confidence and professionalism begins when we decide to be a confident professional. The change may be gradual, as it has been for me this year, or it may come as an instantaneous choice to think differently.

A professional mindset will lead to success. If we work like a pro, we’ll be a pro.

This year I attended the conference again. At first, fear and insecurity ruled my thoughts, but eventually the surroundings felt familiar. Surrounded by professionals, I began to think like them, and act like them.

No, nothing is published…yet. But I’m having a blast being a writer,  and not many people can say that about their profession.

So, when did you decide you were a writer?


7 thoughts on “What Makes a Writer a Writer?

    1. Well, writing is the best way to start. That may seem simple and even silly to say, but all the writers I know say “keep writing.” I write every day in a journal. I write anything that comes to mind: stories, poems, ideas, convictions, revelations…this past year I set a goal to write 1000 words per day.That’s because other authors suggested it.I try to make that, but some days I don’t get to it and other days I write 3000-5000 so it evens out. Set a time, don’t give in to distractions, start small (like 200 words or 15 min) and get into a pattern. Read articles and blogs about how to write better and practice the things you read about.Be willing to learn and put in time. I guess it’s just like anything you want to learn to do. If you feel the pull to write something all the time, you were made to write. One step at a time will get you to your destination. I wish you well! Happy writings. I’d love to know how you progress 🙂


  1. Hi Laura:
    It appears we’re travelling the same road. Great post. Keep writing even when you think no one is reading. It also appears that we started our blogs around the same time. I too attended a Christian Writing Conference last June – Write Canada 2011. It’s a small world.
    Have a happy day


    1. Thanks for your encouragement Tracy. It’s great to find others to “walk with” us as we’re starting down the road, isn’t it? I wish you all the best in your writing as well!


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