Feeling Small

Sometimes as a writer in the vast world of professional bloggers, published authors, agents and publishing companies I feel very small.

One of my favorite authors, Mary DeMuth, wrote a moving and challenging article in her e-zine this week addressing this apparently common issue. Her words encouraged me tremendously, especially since Mary writes amazing stories that change lives. Twelve of her books have already been published.  I’ve read almost all of them. Even great authors can feel small??

It surprised me to find that someone as influential and successful as Mary would feel small. But it occurred to me that we all experience feelings of melting into nothing at times. For me, this feeling of smallness comes when I’m the most focused and productive. Interesting, isn’t it?

Something whispers to me that all my hard work means nothing; that no one will ever notice or care; that I’m so far off base in relation to the rest of the writing and publishing world I might as well give up.

I believe I’m intended to write. I think God will use me someday to encourage others through my writing and my life experiences. Every day I look at my list of writing activities or my current work in progress and decide I will do something. No matter how small. Each small step builds momentum that will carry me somewhere good.

Keep writing. Every day. Keep learning how to write well. Learn how to do one small thing in social networking or marketing. And share with others when you feel small and what encourages you.

What is your small place?

10 thoughts on “Feeling Small

        1. Glad you found her! She has been such an encouragement to me. Her download on getting published is very helpful, and her books have inspired me personally and as a writer. I want to be like Mary when I grow up! lol


  1. You believe God intends you to write…to use you to encourage others through your writing and life experiences. You’re fulfilling that purpose by writing about your experiences every day. Whether or not you’re always focusing on the concept of encouragement as you write, it comes through, loud and clear. Encouragement rises up from your writing in a warm, comforting mist. We writer/readers look to you for that. Thank you.


  2. I not only feel small, I know that I am. Many things that I appreciate though..like the goodness and grace of God and the good writers like yourself. God Bless You and thanks for this wonderful share.


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