Brand Yourself

I think I’ve finally grabbed hold of the message.

This past year of writing, I’ve wrestled with all the usual writer issues like:

  • Keeping my butt in the chair (distractions at home with family…need I say more?)
  • Putting actual (and many) words on a page–or computer screen now that I’ve succumbed to technology
  • Believing I have something worthwhile to say
  • Learning how to craft my words into something enjoyable and inspirational to read
  • Publishing…to e-book or not to e-book; that is the question

But the one element that’s kept me in a headlock is platform. I’ve taken classes, read articles and looked at author websites. Voices of various publishers echo in my head “You have good content, but you need a platform.” A platform shows why people should listen to you. Your brand showcases your expertise.

Branding–Like a cowboy with a searing hot iron on a cow’s rump??

Okay, I’m teasing. I understand what branding in the marketing world really means. A previous job as an editor/writer for a Christian ministry brought me into direct contact with the concept of branding as we toyed with various ‘looks’ for the author/speaker who was my boss. But the concept, while understood, felt vague when I attempted to apply it to myself.

Then, this week I read something that Regal editor, Kim Bangs, was quoted as saying. It grabbed me.

Brand yourself, not your writing.

Thank you, Kim!! I’m sure you’ve said it before, even to me at Mount Hermon, or at least in your workshops, but I finally get it. It finally makes sense to think about my passion, my ministry, and what God has for me to say to help the world. Like an umbrella, my unique brand will cover all my writing and speaking.

So I’ve been searching for the meaning to life this week.

The meaning for my life at least, and the purpose for my writing. Who am I? What am I all about? What do I give to others?

I’ve been collecting what people say about me through comments on my blog or remembering when someone felt encouraged by something I’ve said to them. That means I need to listen and accept compliments they offer.

I’ve considered what gets me fired up. I love to see people grow from one place in their lives to the next especially when I’m allowed the privilege of  helping them move along by encouraging or instructing them, or being a champion on their behalf!

Platform is about you.

Or me. It encompasses who we are in relation to others’ needs. I’m finally seeing the point.

So, what is your life about? What’s your passion? Your platform?

I’m looking forward to reading Michael Hyatt’s book now that I’m finding myself and my purpose in writing. Understanding is a good place to start, but now I want to apply all I can.

If you see something that might help me grasp my brand and platform, please feel free to share a comment. Likewise, if you would like my input, I’d be happy to check out your writing too.

Happy branding.

7 thoughts on “Brand Yourself

  1. Laura, that was so refreshing to finally figure out what platform means…I liked your branding on a cow’s butt comment! Reflecting I believe my platform is to creatively share the love and salvation of Jesus with others through my art, writing, evangelism and advocacy…my passion is Jesus and creativity…thanks for helping me see this…

    As for you, I see you as a compassionate heart meant to help others along the way find their goals, just as you are being a mentor to me in writing…your passion is family and the love you have for them…I see that clearly in you…you have a mother’s soul…


    1. Thank you Miriam! I’m just figuring it out myself, but getting great help as I search around and read other pro’s advice. Glad you found it helpful! I really have found Michael Hyatt’s site encouraging. You do have a heart of evangelism and creativity. It’s great when someone can point us in a direction towards ourselves, isn’t it? Thanks for your words for me as well. I’m adding them to my collection. Then we’ll see what comes of it all. Can’t wait!


  2. Hi Laura:
    Your post couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m in the process of creating a new website and have been giving a lot of thought to branding. And yes branding isn’t about the work we do, it’s about connecting with others. I have a wonderful mentor who is miles ahead of me. I’m not on Facebook or any other social media at present, but I know that’s something I’ll have to address…soon. Wishing there were more hours in the day. Loved “Like a cowboy with a searing hot iron on a cow’s rump.” After you read Michael’s book, l hope you share what you learned.


    1. Gosh, I’m so glad it was helpful, Tracy! Last year was my push to connect my blog with Facebook and Twitter so I get it! I feel like I’ve been learning so much lately from Michael Hyatt’s site,, and Jeff Goins site as well. Soaking it all up 🙂 I love sharing what I learn so I’m glad you are wanting to hear it. Thanks again!


        1. Very little! I check Facebook about once or twice a week and Twitter every couple of weeks. I have my posts go to my Facebook and Twitter automatically, but I’m trying to get better at posting other tweets too. Still not great at even remembering or having time for it yet. 🙂


        2. Thank you, Laura for your detailed response. Perhaps I shall set-up those accounts. At the moment, I’m setting up a new and improved website and blog. Shh…it’s a secret. LOL
          Have an awesome day!


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