Just Say Yes

An EX-Buccaneer named Baxter. I just spent a week participating in a VBS day camp put on by our church and watching my husband, Brendan, be transformed by playing the role of a buccaneer named Baxter in the assembly portion of this event. He thrilled the audience with his lively, dramatic gestures and accent — … More Just Say Yes

Safe or Scary?

Is online dating the wave of the future? I recently met a woman who politely, yet with scrutiny questioned my decision to employ internet dating sites to meet a husband. This was after I told her about my husband and I meeting online. Her comments went something like, “Isn’t that a pretty daring thing to … More Safe or Scary?

Cricket Anyone?

Another excerpt from “The Miracle of Us: Confessions of Two Online Daters” Brendan and I sneaked off without kids to watch a cricket match… It appealed to my sense of adventure to leave at bedtime for a night out. I grabbed Brendan’s hand as we went outside to the car. “Isn’t it fun to sneak … More Cricket Anyone?