Cricket Anyone?

Another excerpt from “The Miracle of Us: Confessions of Two Online Daters”

Brendan and I sneaked off without kids to watch a cricket match…

It appealed to my sense of adventure to leave at bedtime for a night out. I grabbed Brendan’s hand as we went outside to the car.

“Isn’t it fun to sneak out this late? Like two kids instead of middle aged parents?” I kissed him, and he gave me his “indulging Laura” chuckle.

“Silly girl. I love you. Get in. Cricket and a beer are waiting.”

My turn to chuckle. I was finally getting used to my Aussie man and his beer. Sports of any kind couldn’t be played or watched without beer. People couldn’t be visited without taking beer. A hot day required beer. At our wedding we would have ginger beer. Thank goodness for World Market making a touch of Australia available in the States.


A long, flat bat and a narrow, extended playing space enclosed by nets. Those were my first observations. Then Brendan proceeded to explain to me that this was the indoor version of cricket which varied from the actual outdoor game. Still, the game enthralled me with its speed and well placed batting of the ball. I found it fascinating. Trying to understand the terms, scoring and “foreign” accents proved a bit challenging, and being one of few women present added to the intimidation. But, I thoroughly enjoyed watching and learning.

I really tried not to drive Brendan crazy with too many questions, but he explained things to me as if I already understood the game except that particular question. And since I didn’t understand anything, I usually ended up with more questions as a result of his answers, not less.

Brendan tossed back a beer while I sipped on water. His sarcastic Aussie teasing punctuated minimal conversation. I was content to simply sit quietly and take in five matches in progress at the same time. Most of the time I couldn’t understand the guys’ comments or accents, especially not above the cracking of solid balls against bats and the players’ roaring cheers.

I truly appreciated the sport and would have liked more time to watch this popular, intriguing game of fours, sixes and wickets.

Brendan assured me that the outdoor version played over five days would have bored me with hair tearing tedium.

I wasn’t so sure.

Any cricket enthusiasts out there? Willing to share your experience?

2 thoughts on “Cricket Anyone?

  1. Believe him Laura it will bore you to tears lol

    Thank you for filling in a lot of the blank bits about what happened before the “B” left the country. Boys tend to skim over the good bits I’ve enjoyed reading the story

    Love to all Carrie


    1. Well, you have more experience in this cricket thing than I do so…
      Thanks for reading. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed reading more of the story. It’s true that our men don’t always fill in the details that we love to hear! Love to you too!



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