Passion and Perseverance

“If you’re passionate about something, it overflows into how you make people feel….” This quote by Sunny Good in the spring 2012 issue of Do It Yourself magazine caught my attention and begged the question, “What am I passionate about that overflows to others?” I’m passionate about so many things… I’m a passionate person, period. … More Passion and Perseverance

Worth the Struggle

Life is hard. In fact, the first three years of married life could easily be classified as one of the most difficult seasons of both our lives. Our “honeymoon” phase ended during our actual honeymoon when both of our pasts reared their ugly heads into our current business. Then we came home to the needs … More Worth the Struggle

Deadly Expectations

Our first night out (alone) in Australia. Brendan, ever the gentleman, held open the door of the building. We had agreed to walk because we were close to numerous restaurants. “Where do you want to go?” he asked. “Uh, well….since I don’t know any places here or really where we are, I’m not sure.” I … More Deadly Expectations