This week I’m delighted to offer another guest post from Brendan Bennet, an excerpt from The Miracle of Us: Confessions of Two Online Daters. Brendan gives us a glimpse into his initial experience with internet dating… I began my internet dating experience on a secular website.  Silly Me! My first clue should have been the … More K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Traffic Jam Writing

Traffic in Santa Cruz, California this summer is at an all time high. Come to think of it, all down the coast of California it’s been horrendous.  It took a combined total of over 30 hours heading down and coming back from our San Diego vacation last month. We’d cruise along at first, then grind … More Traffic Jam Writing

A Really Good Fight

The tension in our home presses on me as if the ceiling and walls were inching closer, forcing out the air and leaving me suffocated. Every task I put my hand to seems like dragging through mud with repeated interruptions and distractions. My phone will not stop ringing. We’re late to pick up our daughter … More A Really Good Fight