Living with an Addict

Addiction comes in many forms. Typically, when we say “addiction” we think of alcohol, drugs or maybe gambling. But we can have addictions to shopping, eating, not eating, reading, television, gaming, Facebook, checking emails, surfing the internet, magazines, exercise, pornography, sports, scrap-booking or sex. Anything that grabs our attention, pulls us into a place of … More Living with an Addict

Catch of the Day

Last week we had the pleasure of hearing from guest blogger, Carol Lloyd, about her experiences meeting her husband online. As promised, here is Part 2… Two weeks later the same guy writes. “You’ve been on my mind a lot the last few days. Would you mind, if I give you a call?” No, I … More Catch of the Day

“Dear Jane”

This week I’ve asked my friend and fellow blogger, Carol Lloyd, to share her online dating experience. Carol and I shared the pleasure of side by side internet dating and meeting our husbands within three months of each other. You can get a taste of Carol’s fun and interesting life at Time for Coffee. Her … More “Dear Jane”

Worth Celebrating?

It’s the small things. Yesterday, I received word that an article I wrote was published online at Bucket List Publications.  I’ll confess that my heart made a little flip flop of excitement. I ran downstairs to tell my husband. “That’s great darling! We should celebrate!” I assured him that I thought one small article written … More Worth Celebrating?

No Glamour Here

It’s not always glamorous…imagine your worst day, and know that’s going to happen twice a week. Yesterday, confidence reigned as I finished some editing, worked on a novel, and began adding my husband’s latest contribution to our book, The Miracle of Us: Confessions of Two Online Daters. Tasks were moving along so well, I hummed … More No Glamour Here