Published: To Be or Not to Be

Are you ready to be published?

That is the question I asked myself after listening to an interview by Michael Hyatt with literary agent Rachelle Gardner earlier this week. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’ve been working my tail off the past year and a half learning the craft and doing everything every agent, author and publisher has told me (or written for the masses). I want to be published. I’ve been working toward that goal. Not just so I can say I’m published, but because I long to inspire, help and encourage others with my struggles and the victories I’ve experienced because of God’s hand in my life.

But Rachelle made a very good point.

Being a writer is one thing, being a published author is quite another. Getting published opens a world of marketing and networking and business.That world is about producing a commodity and making it sell-able. It’s about promoting your writing, and being open about your experiences. Am I ready for that world?

Questions need to be asked.

Is this a hobby? Or a career? As I prepare to launch a speaking ministry to complement my writing, what am I getting myself into?

I’m taking a deep breath and proceeding with caution–and determination. Yes, I want this. Am I ready? I hope I will be when the door flings open and the lights spot me. Until then, I look at today. Be present. Be teachable. Be a writer.

Is writing a hobby or something more? Where do you see your writing going? Are you ready?

16 thoughts on “Published: To Be or Not to Be

  1. I’m exactly at the same place as you are!
    Rachelle is one of the agents I wanted to submit to as she was an agent for a book similar to mine a few years back. But alas, she’d not accepting queries for the baby market anymore. Back to scouring my list. 😦


    1. Michael Hyatt has a list of agents on his site that I printed out and will start researching and praying over. Some of my writer friends have a different agent for each book, especially if the genres are different, but I feel like I’d rather have one agent that would represent my career in writing. Not sure what to think about that. What are your thoughts?


      1. Hi Laura,
        Can you send me the link for Michael Hyatt’s list of agents?
        I agree with you. If you find the right agent, that agent is supposed to be for life. I read somewhere it’s like being in a “great” marriage.


        1. Hi Laura,
          I’m sorry to hear you are the one that is now sick.
          It’s two days later, I hope you’re on the mend.
          Thank you so much for the link. I can’t wait to check it out.
          Get well soon


        2. Thanks Tracy. Starting to feel better. I’ll be praying for the Lord to lead you to the right one!!


  2. I personally am ready to expose what I’ve hidden so long, yes, but alas, still need shaping up. That’s hard WORK, you know…


    1. You’ve already taken such hard steps so I’m confident you will continue. Being vulnerable about the broken pieces of your life IS hard and writing is work…putting them together can be a heart-pounding leap of faith. You can make it!


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