Time for a Makeover

Yes, I’m in the middle of a rewrite. Again.

But that’s not the makeover I’m talking about. The makeover to which I refer is the one the girls in your life can experience upon reading Sherry Kyle’s new book, The Girl’s Guide to your Dream Room.

A timeless treasure chest of stories, ideas, quizzes, and practical advice, The Girl’s Guide to your Dream Room, opens a new world of design for young ladies. In addition, it leads them through short Bible applications that tie in with each chapter’s theme. Your girls will enjoy the Interior Design 101 sections which offer lessons in art, decor, furnishings and more. This fun filled, DIY guide also offers Tiny Tips for room decorating and organization.

The easy to read layout made it fun to explore.   DSC_0047 (2)

My 13 year old daughter, Bella, has enjoyed taking the quizzes and filling out brief questionnaires to discover the styles and colors that best suit her. After reading and doing the activities in the first chapter, she came to find me, full of excitement and room design ideas she wants to implement as soon as she can!  Needless to say, she loves the book. We are even using it for her home schooling art classes since it has so much incredible information and project ideas.

And the book came with a key chain!

That, of course, made it an instant hit with Bella.

Highly recommended, a lot of fun, packed with great info – a great Christmas gift idea.

Go to Sherry’s website to order or for more of her fabulous books.

3 thoughts on “Time for a Makeover

  1. Hi Laura,
    Your daughter, Bella, is lovely. And her name suits her. You did a great job on promoting this book. I’m intrigued as I am also an interior decorator, so I’ll be popping in to check it out.
    On a side note, I’m adding “blogs I follow” to my sidebar, and I’ve finally added yours. It took me a while.
    Tracy 🙂


    1. Thank you, Tracy! And my daughter says thank you too. Since the book is for kids/youth, I think you really would enjoy checking it out. I think Sherry has sample chapters on her website. Amazon usually does too.

      Thanks for adding me to your sidebar! I feel very honored 🙂


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