All Things New

I’m back.

My foray into finding a better blog/website solution was short-lived. What worked (barely) with another company soon became a nightmare of blogging problems, and my website there remained in a frozen-behind-the-scenes state for nearly 6 months making it impossible to post anything new. Very sad. I had to “let it go.” (Disney movie parents are shaking their heads.)

There’s always good in the bad though.

After searching and trying numerous other website options – one I spent weeks building on their assurance that a blog interface was part of their deal only to find that it actually…wasn’t – I’ve returned home like a prodigal son.Or daughter.

WordPress has made changes. I’ve changed. I think we can work together again. Ahh….

It’s all good.

Bear with me as I navigate the tech waters of creating a new and improved version so I can offer better goodies. (Did you just cheer with me?) Sign up for my email list, and I’ll send you free things and updates!

During the months I’ve been MIA, I’ve been working with a trusted branding advisor, Josh Brinckerhoff & Karen Douglas at CulpritMedia Group, who have helped me define and focus my offer to my faithful readers and those to come!

I’m taking my life forward, and I hope you will join me!

Enjoy the journey.

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