A Few Tidbits

Here’s a few things I loved from Hebrews chapter 2: Pay careful attention to the good things we’ve heard about God so we don’t drift away from him. (vs.1) God created everything to be subject to us! We’ve been given the privilege and responsibility to have dominion over all the earth. We are subject only … More A Few Tidbits

What’s My Agenda?

The presidential election is coming and as a nation we are anything but “like-minded” or “one in spirit and purpose.” Those are Paul’s words in A.D. 61 to the people in Philippi, a prosperous Roman colony. (Philippians 2) Maybe somewhat like our prosperous United States? (Wait, could there be some time in history we’ve failed … More What’s My Agenda?

Are You Struggling?

My personal interpretation of Psalm 6: God, please don’t be angry with me because I’m weak right now. I’m struggling to trust you and not be afraid when my situation looks bleak and frightening. I need your healing. I know your love never fails so I ask you to save me. I know you love … More Are You Struggling?

Am I Standing?

Stand. Take your stand. Stand your ground. Stand firm. And after you’ve done everything else, stand. Hmm…I’m sensing a theme here. I read these words in a letter Paul wrote to the people in Ephesus. It’s in the sixth chapter of Ephesians in the Bible. Here’s my take: Considering the number of times these words … More Am I Standing?