Enjoying the Journey

Taking our lives forward is a great thing. But sometimes if we are too focused on the future we can lose sight of the present. Nearly every day I walk along a canal by my home. My path leads me to marvelous sights. Turtles, alligators, otters, snakes, blossoming trees, butterflies…the list seems endless. And can … More Enjoying the Journey

Confusion in the Camp?

According to James in the Bible (chapter 3 & 4), confusion and disorder comes from envy and selfish ambition. Hmm… Seen any of that lately? We can evaluate our hearts by comparing them to God’s wisdom which is: Pure (free from contamination) Peace-loving Considerate Submissive (willing to yield to another) Full of mercy (kindness, compassion … More Confusion in the Camp?

Moving into Maturity

In the aftermath of election drama, social media feeds rant for both sides. Some are elated, some disappointed. But it seems the most beneficial stance for all of us no matter how we feel about the outcome is to wait and see. The Bible tells us, Do not boast about tomorrow for you do not … More Moving into Maturity