Moving into Maturity

In the aftermath of election drama, social media feeds rant for both sides.Kookaburras at Australia Zoo

Some are elated, some disappointed. But it seems the most beneficial stance for all of us no matter how we feel about the outcome is to wait and see.

The Bible tells us,

Do not boast about tomorrow for you do not know what a day may bring forth. (Prov.27:1)

In the meantime, how can we each move forward?

The author of Hebrews 5 gives us some insight. It instructs us to:

  • Deal gently with people.

We are all subject to weakness. (vs.2) Regardless of our beliefs, we can show maturity and love to others when we are slow to anger and speak with grace and gentleness. We all do or think things that may not make sense to someone else. We can all get stuck. Go easy on each other.

  • Focus on growing in maturity.

Every struggle in life gives us the opportunity to get mad or get better. Do I want to become cynical and bitter? Or would I rather improve to be a better version of myself? To increase our maturity Hebrews 5:8-14 says we can do these three things:

  1. Cry out to God in reverent submission. Understand that God has all the answers. We may think we know what’s best. We may be convinced we know. But when we lay our understanding down and look for God’s view we will find some pretty significant “ah ha” moments.


  1. Hold onto the truth we’ve learned about righteousness and live it out. Put it into practice. Is it right to speak kindly? Forgive? Not hold a grudge? Consider another viewpoint? Hold my tongue? Then do that.


  1. Train ourselves. Yeah, becoming mature takes practice. Like going to the gym. We don’t always like it. It’s inconvenient, and we get sweaty and tired. Sleeping or television is so much more appealing. But if I want to be strong and healthy, I’ve got to exercise my muscles. If I want to have a good attitude, be a blessing to people and show Christ’s love, I have to practice doing those things. And the result is being able to hear God more clearly and more often.


How do I apply this today?

Here’s my example:

I’ve allowed the bad habit of using swear words on occasion when I become hurt and angry in a discussion with my husband. It’s wrong. It may be a vehicle that temporarily dissipates some of my anger, but it doesn’t help me, my husband or our marriage. It is destructive and offers nothing positive.

I have a choice.

  • I can hold my tongue.
  • Count to ten.
  • Say I need a break.
  • Go for a quick walk.


Any of those options allow me to consider how to use gentleness, ask God for help and listen more carefully to what‘s happening beneath the surface of our argument. In my husband’s heart and mine. This past week I decided that I Will. Not. Do. That. Again. Ever.

Practice. Choose. Practice. Choose. Practice.

Leads to better choices.  And maturity.

Enough said.

Can you think of an area you can apply this to and move forward into more maturity?

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