Enjoying the Journey

Taking our lives forward is a great thing.DSC_0128

But sometimes if we are too focused on the future we can lose sight of the present.

Nearly every day I walk along a canal by my home. My path leads me to marvelous sights. Turtles, alligators, otters, snakes, blossoming trees, butterflies…the list seems endless. And can I mention the sun rising with rays beaming from out behind thunderclouds? Anddsc_0020 the days when wispy, white brush strokes paint the sky or the water reflects the brilliant scene above it while fish flip to catch a neon dragon fly?

But once in a while, I miss one of those treasures.

On a recent jaunt, two cyclists on the path ahead of me coming my way caught my attention. For a couple of minutes, until our paths crossed, I was focused on what was up ahead. I heard a splash and missed whatever creature moved in the water.

Disappointment tore my gaze away from the oncoming bikers and taught me a lesson.

God has great things for us in the future when we break free of our past and move ahead. But he also has greatness for us right here today as well.

We say “stop and smell the roses,” but we can miss seeing the roses if we move atdsc_0068 too quick a pace or don’t take in our surroundings in the moment.

What little observations have gone undetected?

Did we overlook something wonderful about a person that we can be grateful for? Was there evidence of God’s majesty in nature?  What gesture of love or appreciation went unnoticed by us?

Do you notice the two marvels in this picture?

While we are on our journey, moving ahead into the new and great freedom and healing God has for us, let’s look around and see the beauty in the present moment too.

Let’s enjoy the journey.

What are some things you’ve noticed while on your journey? What are some things you may have missed?

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