Am I Missing Something?

Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco, CADifficult times abound.

Drought, terror, fires, disaster and personal challenges. Yesterday, I heard of a family who has been out of work for nearly three years, blown through all their severance, savings and retirement funds and don’t know how they will meet next month’s rent.

I so get it.

And as believers in an almighty amazing God, we can feel a bit lost. Right? It isn’t actually God I doubt, it’s me. Did I hear Him right? Did I miss something? Is there an area of disobedience where I thought I was obeying? Why are my husband and I hearing different things from the same God?

But recently when talking with a friend, we realized that some of the challenge is simply learning to keep our hands open or off entirely and let God do his work in his way and timing. But I confess, the journey feels a little like river rafting in rapids…without a paddle, or even a boat.

Bruised, battered, exhausted and drowning. Or so it seems.

But I’m finding that by relaxing and looking up (like floating in a pool) and going with the flow, the struggle is far less painful than fighting the current and scrambling for a handhold. (Never been in rapids before so I’m guessing here.)

And every day I’m a little surprised – okay, I know I shouldn’t be, but I am – that little pieces smooth out, fall into place or even vanish. I believe that God is sending the right help at the right time if I am at peace and ready, but not freaked out.

Close my eyes.

Focus on Jesus.

Take a deep breath…and wait…for a minute. Or five.

I think that is what God means when he says in the Bible…

Be still and know that I am God.”    Psalm 46:10

So often, what I’m missing is the presence of God. But if I just take the time to settle into it…

He’s there. Waiting.

He says he’ll quiet me with his love and sing over me because he delights in me. (Zephaniah 3:17)

I think maybe he’s saying the same thing to you.

How do you find peace when things are crazy difficult?

5 thoughts on “Am I Missing Something?

    1. I think we all do. I’m finding it easier these days if I keep my focus more on asking God to lead each step. Life has been rather challenging, but God has been so faithful to give me peace as I look to him! Thanks for reading!


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