Can I Help You?

Have you ever wanted to write a book or start a blog?

Perhaps you would like to tell about that particular time when…, or help others with something you’ve learned. Maybe you’ve always been one to have people listening as you captivate them with your stories.

Maybe you don’t know where to start.

And maybe you didn’t know that I offer consulting, editing and critique services. I love helping people and teaching them what I’ve learned. I’d be happy to chat or email with you about your project and help you take it forward.

Check out my Write Your Book page for a contact form and prices and let’s set up a FREE initial consultation.

5 thoughts on “Can I Help You?

  1. Ah ha so it looks like this is the place. Ok like I said I am completely new to this and have another post to go out today to make the total three, wooo hooo!! Anyway first off, I noticed that you just have your website as the means to access your blog? Do I do the same by just sharing http:// for folks to access my posts? Or do I share the actual post URL? Thanks Laura,

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    1. Hi Todd,
      Sorry for the delay. My internet is currently off so I’ve been chasing hot spots to get online. When you say sharing, are you talking about on social media or in general? You can do either one. I’ve set up my account so that my blog posts automatically post to FB, Twitter and Goodreads. If I want to let people know about my author website, I give them my or if I want them to see a specific post, I would give them the link for that post as it’s found in the address bar. I hope that makes sense. Good for you on your posts! I’ll check out your site.


      1. Nice site! Depending on your website provider, you may or may not have the ability to interface a blog page. If so, I recommend keeping a blog on your site. That will help you in search engines. But when I went to your site, I didn’t see a blog tab or page. At the very least you should keep a blog here on wordpress and link to it from your site. It’s preferable to keep traffic on your site, especially because you have a product for sale, so you don’t really want people to link away from your website.


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