You Are Heard

God's Rainbow

“Since the first day you set your mind to gain understanding and humbled yourself before God, your words were heard…”    Daniel 10:12

I believe the promises to people in the Bible are for all of us because God’s heart is in those promises and his heart is the same toward all of his children.

God loves us. He hears us. He rescues us. He saves us.

But this is the part Daniel did:

  1. Set his mind to gain understanding – we have to be willing to seek God’s perspective and acquire that understanding when he speaks
  2. Humbled himself – if we come to God demanding he do something for us or certain that we know the answers and are looking for him to agree with us rather than being humble and seeking him, we may be heard, but we won’t hear God

The Bible says that after Daniel encountered God in this situation, he bowed his face to the ground and was speechless.

When we’ve set our minds to gain understanding and humbled ourselves, we’ll experience the presence of God. And we’ll know it because our being will be bowed before him and speechless.

That’s how an encounter with God will leave us.

It’s astounding to know that the God of the universe is personal enough to hear us and surround his with his presence. He sent angels before Jesus’s time (and may today), but now we have the Holy Spirit who overwhelms us with the characteristics of God.

I’m praying you will encounter God today.

You can be certain he hears you.

I’d love to hear about your experiences with God in the comments below or email me at

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