So What About the Goals I Set?


I don’t often do this.

While I’m always honest in sharing my heart here, I don’t always give all the details of my life. Usually, it doesn’t serve a purpose to talk about me apart from what I’m learning that may be helpful to others.

But this post is different.

On occasion I read back through my journals to see what God has done, how I’ve changed or where I still need work on something God’s been teaching me. This week I had some time to do that and found some words I had written that I felt God had spoken to me.


Words about goals, plans and schedules.

It seems so appropriate for this time of year when we’re all struggling to get a handle on our New Year’s resolutions or goals for the year. When maybe we wonder what we were thinking when we planned on that situation being accomplished or expected a particular thing to work according to plan.

Here’s what I believe God told me…

“Set a schedule, set goals, make plans, but let Me rule and lead you within that. Those things aren’t wrong, but they can’t consume you so that you forget your God first. So I will destroy your goals and plans and anything you set as more important than me – your marriage, life, children, business, books, job, etc.

When you can live intentionally while letting me direct you, you will find peace and success.

I want good for you. I have good for you, but I must be first and you must allow your goals and plans to fall or bow to me. I will restore you because I restore. I will provide because I provide. If you look to your goals and plans as security, it will come to nothing.

I know you try to put Me first. You give Me first fruits. You spend time with Me and in My presence. You ask for wisdom and for Me to lead you. All good – BUT then you look to your plans and despair if I lead you outside of them.

And you ignore Me when I speak. When I tell you what to do, you decide what you want instead or what you “feel” like doing or not doing. That is not letting Me lead you. When you disregard your plan for your own whims, that is not allowing Me to lead you either.

But if you are completely submitted and surrendered to Me, you don’t have to be afraid. I will lead you in ways that are good.”

My response?

I’m so sorry, Lord. Please forgive me. I feel my prideful heart rise up with objections. “I don’t.” “I’m not.” “I didn’t.” But the truth is clear and the fact that resentment comes means I’m doing exactly what you say I am.

When I don’t heed your lead, I’m lost indeed. 

The truth is, I can’t ask God to lead me and then question His leading and pull to do my own thing.

Goals and plans are good. Even God tells us to make plans. God is a planner. He planned for the temple with great precision. He gave plans to rebuild the city of Jerusalem. And He planned for his son, Jesus, to come to us to make a way for us to have relationship with him restored by his planned death and resurrection.

Now there’s a plan!

But God’s plans prevail. God makes our plans succeed. God is the one who goes ahead of us and behind – he was and is and is to come so he’s already been where we are and where we’re going. Why wouldn’t we ask him to clue us in and lead us in the best way?

I didn’t plan to write this today.

But God must believe that someone out there can be helped, blessed or encouraged by God’s words to me. So I’m going with his plan today.

From my heart to yours.

What are some ways you keep surrendered to God and focused on his plans?

6 thoughts on “So What About the Goals I Set?

  1. Hi Laura,
    I’m so glad you wrote this post. I’ve been receiving the same message this new year. “Set a schedule, set goals, make plans, but let Me rule and lead you within that.” It’s so easy to want to run ahead of God and His timetable. I’m SLOWLY learning to invite Him into my everyday schedule. And it’s making a HUGE difference this year.
    As always, thank you for sharing your beautiful God-filled heart, my friend. You’re in my prayers!

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    1. Thanks, Tracy! Yes, for me it seems to lean toward one or the other. I pray about goals, set them and then plow ahead but throw a little fit of frustration when they aren’t keeping to the schedule! LOL These last 6 – 8 months have been so much about leaning on God. His timetable, his plan and there has grown so much freedom for me in that place. Confidence and peace reign in place of despair and frustration. Thanks for your comment. I’m so glad we’re both in step with the Spirit’s leading! As always, I appreciate you, dear sister!

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  2. Very encouraging post Laura! Thank you for sharing your heart and what the Lord is teaching you about planning. In response to your question, “What are some ways you keep surrendered to God and focused on his plans?”

    Taking GOD at His Word and TRUSTING in His Promise in Jeremiah 29:11 has helped me to focus and always surrender to His WONDERFUL PLAN for my LIFE. “For I know the PLANS I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to PROSPER you and not to harm you, plans to give you HOPE and a FUTURE.”‭‭-Jeremiah‬ ‭29:11‬ ‭

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