Can You Help Me?


Next month I’ll be releasing my next novel, and I’m looking for anyone who would like an advance pdf. copy in exchange for you writing an honest review the week it launches.

Rachel's Son Book Cover (2)Rachel’s only son, two-year-old Micah, is slaughtered by Roman soldiers searching for the prophesied Messiah, sending her life on a trajectory of angry bitterness and further devastation.

Titus, a Roman soldier, harbors a terrible secret and would do anything to rid himself of the guilt he carries. But when circumstances force him to revisit the place of his treacherous deed he can’t reveal the truth.

Unexpectedly thrown together, Rachel and Titus both seek peace, but finding it with each other isn’t enough. Only an encounter with Jesus can force them to face the trauma of their past.

Will Titus release the burden he’s concealed? And what will it take for Rachel to forgive the Forgiver and find life again?

If this sounds appealing to you will you:

  1. Leave a comment and contact me using the form below if you want an advance pdf copy to read.
  2. Let your friends know this redemption story will be out in time for Easter.
  3. Commit to writing an honest review sometime during the week it releases.

Thank you in advance! I believe this story will touch someone’s heart.

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