Rest. Reflect. Respond.

DSC_0251It’s been a busy week.

My boss is out of town so we’re holding down the fort as they say. Numerous family–shall we say “situations” including a sick child have kept us jumping. I’ve enjoyed some needed time with friends. And my new book, Rachel’s Son, released meaning extra time spent in marketing efforts.

Today was time to rest.

God gave us the example of resting on the seventh day after he created the world in six. He looked at all he’d done and proclaimed it good, and then rested. I believe when he commands us to do the same, it’s for our benefit.

We require time for our minds, hearts and bodies to rejuvenate and refocus on God and where we’re heading with him. That can only be accomplished if we take time to rest.

I think that God also wants us to reflect.

Today was Palm Sunday. For those of you who don’t know what that means, it was simply the day that Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey to celebrate Passover the week before he was crucified.

As Jesus came into the outskirts of town, he stopped and looked over the city. He reflected on the week to come and the people who would miss the act of love he was about to partake of on our behalf. And he wept.

Sometimes reflection can stir deep emotions within us. We may need to grieve, consider pain that needs healing or let joy well up in our hearts. I’ve experienced all those today. Reflection is a good thing. We grow when we examine our lives.

Finally, we need to respond.

Jesus’s response to us was to give himself up to be crucified for our sin and pain. He responded to our sin, our blindness, our brokenness by taking all of it on him so we could be free.

And rest. In his presence.

This week leading up to Easter, I want to take time to:

  1. Rest. (I went to see I Can Only Imagine with friends and took a nap today.)
  2. Reflect. God loves us so much he gave up his son, allowing him to suffer an awful death so we could wouldn’t have to die and be separated from him. That changes my world and causes me to
  3. Respond. How can I love God, myself and others today because of God’s love for me? My actions, even if they are small, can make a difference in someone else’s life.

I’m praying you have a refreshing week of rest, reflection and response. May God bless you with his love in special ways.


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