Check My Attitude

“90 % of what I do, I do to piss people off because it amuses me.”

I overheard this bit of a conversation from a senior student during class as I was substitute teaching one day, and it made me think.

Yes, I admit I was disappointed to hear this sentiment.

But I also thought about my own motives and attitudes. Why do I do 90% of what I do? Is it productive? Helpful to myself or others? Is amusing ourselves the goal of life or is there something more?

While this may be a flippant statement made by a still maturing teen student, it gives us a window into much of today’s society. Where has the value of life gone? Are we so complacent by our lives, pursuits or goals that we live simply to get by or amuse ourselves?

Personally, I don’t believe that is what God intended when he created us. The Bible indicates that we were made for greatness, not simply amusement. God has intentional purpose for us each day.

What is your 90 % today?

3 thoughts on “Check My Attitude

  1. WOW! Big indicator for service in life. I believe that we were all brought here to be fruitful and multiply, serve each other, preserve and steward our resources, including the efficient maintenance of our bodies. I believe all of this for the sake of developing and using our God-Given Gifts! Genesis 1:28 Developing and Using our God-Given Gifts and resources is the source of fulfillment, satisfaction and JOY! Blessings


  2. One last unforgettable point is that each action, intention and moment of our life is designed to Glorify God, if we choose to, our free will. This is the will, choice and intention that ultimately brings the greatest JOY, both to God and you!


  3. P.S. Moment by moment connection to God is possible as we navigate through each day. NOW is the presence of God in our lives and “In His presence is the fullness of JOY, In His right hand there are pleasures forever.”
    Psalms 16:11


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