Letting Go

3rd Anniversary Brendan Zip lining Mt Hermon, CA“God does not want to punish us for clinging to our past—He wants to love us into our future.” Rev. Samuel Rodriguez

Sometimes we hold onto our past as if by letting it go we will lose something, when in fact, we lose more by clinging with a tight fist.

Moving forward means we have to look ahead.

When I was about seven, I attended a school with a set of rings on the playground. You know the metal ones that hang from chains? I’d grab the first ring and stand paralyzed for a few seconds while the kids in line would yell “Hurry up!”

“Come on.”

“Just go already.”

The problem wasn’t that I couldn’t swing to the second ring. The problem was that in order to keep going across, I had to let go of the ring behind me. That’s where the fear gripped me. When doubts set in.

What if I wasn’t strong enough? What if I couldn’t reach it? What if I missed and fell?

I love how patient God is. He isn’t the kids yelling at us from behind. He’s standing at the future, reaching out to us, calling our name, giving us courage and pushing the next ring toward us so we’re sure to reach it and get a good grip.

Even if we stand there a little longer than necessary, he never punishes us for it. He coaxes us ahead.

What are you waiting for?


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