Guest Post: Making Comparisons

Today I have the pleasure of re-posting an impactful message written by my dear friend and mentor, Janie Garber. Janie is a life and health coach who has pastored churches with her husband, Ken, been a missionary in France and walked with hundreds of women through challenges in every area of life. I highly recommend connecting with her!

Making Comparisons

We all live in such a social media driven society today, where our daily lives are often on display for the world to see.
I’ve noticed in talking with people the last year in particular, that comparison to others is a bigger trap than ever before. It taunts and mocks, saying things like…
“You can never get to where so-and-so is…”
“You aren’t worthy of good things in your life like they have…”
“It will take way too long to accomplish so-and-so has done so don’t even try…”
“It is too much work to make changes to better yourself…”
“So-and-so has been given everything on a silver platter and has had it so much easier than you…”
What we are actually doing when we compare ourselves to others is measuring up our inside with what we see of their outside. We don’t know their struggles and pains as intimately as we know our own.
Ultimately, comparison keeps a person feeling driven and alone in many ways.
If you struggle with comparing yourself with others, I’d like to encourage you to remember that YOU are unique and so wonderfully made. Your own life experiences and the places of your heart where you’ve grown and been healed are just what someone around you needs today.

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