Ballet Turtles

Ever watched a turtle perform ballet?

I hadn’t either. But one day on a date at Calusa Nature Center & Planetarium with my husband, we happened upon these turtles that appeared to be stretched out in arabesques. We laughed to see these reptiles pretend to dance on their log. Or, at the barre, if you will.

I’m sure they didn’t know what it looked like to us. Certainly, they were simply enjoying the sunny day, but it appeared purposeful. At least in theory.

It made me think of what positions we take that appear to be something they’re not.

I’ll let that sink in for a minute.

Lately, I’ve been stunned and saddened by the stance of many who claim to know and love God, profess to be followers of Jesus, but adopt positions that flagrantly oppose what the Bible says. Mean spirited posts from ones who are to extend the love of Jesus. Demands for rights that do anything but consider others in humility. Embracing patterns of the world with lifestyle, choices, and outright destructive behavior.

I have to look at myself too. I’m not finger pointing.

We’re reading Get Your Life Back by John Eldredge and today’s chapter on Self Life and what it means to truly surrender my life to Jesus convicted me. How can I show love if I’m quick to react to something my spouse says instead of calmly conversing? If I write a retort to that post that offended me? When I’m impatient because I’m not getting something I need or want when I want it?

I suppose we could pretend to be like the turtles and say we don’t really know what we’re doing.

But we aren’t. We know what we’re doing.

It may seem like a silly comparison, but if the arabesque fits…

By the way, have you taken time to enjoy nature lately? Here are some other scenes we enjoyed that day. What did you learn from your time in the wild?

7 thoughts on “Ballet Turtles

  1. These turtles remind me of the Green Turtles and Leatherbacks I had the pleasure of studying with the Oceanic Society at their turtle reserve in Suriname, South America in 2000. What a testimony to God’s Creation they are, delivering up to 180 eggs upon nesting, hatching 45 to 55 days later and then climbing their way out of the sandy nest to the ocean. They are guided by the shimmer of light reflecting from the ocean, beaconing them to their home of growth to maturity or as feed for birds or other sea life. Awesome acts of service as the females deliver eggs up to their terminal year. No men-o-pause. They live up to 65 years of age if they make it to their 16th year without being
    consumed for prey first. As God commanded them in Genesis 1:22, “Be fruitful and multiply!” they diligently obey.
    Hear their creation on The FIFTH DAY

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