Moving Out, Moving On, Moving Up Part 6

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I’m fighting the urge to make something happen.

The past few days have felt like we’re slogging through deep waters. Or for those of you who love winter snow, it’s that thigh deep, barely moving a trudging step at a time. It’s not bad, but it’s hard and tiring and leaves you out of breath.

I feel the weariness of our situation.

Our Jesus-friend host is so kind and gracious, as are her sons, and we all know that we are exactly in the right place at the right time, but…

Suitcases are challenging to live out of and sometimes you just want your own bed. (I’m sure she’d like hers back!) At times, it’s a perfect harmony of our little community here. Ahh…the flow moves smoothly. On rare occasions, I sense we’d all like a little breathing room.

God is working. It’s good. Deep issues rise to the surface. We’re embracing those places God reveals that still need refining in each of us. It’s what we want, but that doesn’t make it easy.

Forging a new path, taking a road less—or never traveled means moments of fear, doubt, uncertainty along with exhilaration, anticipation, and excitement.

In all of it, we also keep checking our armor. The enemy is in full attack mode. Family members ill, migraine headaches, unexpected business issues, and inexplicable situations, like the key breaking off in the lock of our storage unit, ravage our places of peace. On one hand, we cringe and cry, but on the other, we celebrate.

If we weren’t headed in the right direction, the enemy would have no cause to disrupt or distract us.

Yay, God! Yay, us.

For me, waiting patiently is one of the biggest challenges. When God gives a vision for what is ahead, I’m like a little kid rushing ahead, pulling away from my daddy’s hand to get into the new place, the exciting place, this next place. I often don’t want the journey; I just want to get there.

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Are we there yet?

That’s when I have to fight the urge to make something happen.

But if I push too fast, too quickly, there isn’t time for everyone to grow into what God’s doing. We won’t be prepared like we need to be. I can become bossy and miss my calling of encourager. Even when I know that only God’s way in God’s timing will bring the best result. That’s what I really want.

So, all day, God sent encouraging words and the listening ears of a friend.

I love that about our God. He sees our human frailty and knows exactly what we need when we need it. I think I may have written that a few posts ago, but it’s so true!

This morning, as I cried out to him, he answered me with two prophetic words, Bible verses, and sentences from a book I’m currently reading. (The Jesus Hearted Woman by Jodi Detrick )

“I believe you, Lord!” I silently shouted into the semi-darkness. “I believe you.”

The day held tears, laughter, some progress, and some frustration.

But a ferocious focus on Jesus.

The author of our faith. The one who wrote it into being and will keep perfecting it until the end.

How was your day?

To be continued…

6 thoughts on “Moving Out, Moving On, Moving Up Part 6

  1. I am blessed and encouraged by your hanging onto Jesus in the deep times, Laura. You radiate love for Him and trust in His plan, despite times of tears and questions. It is NOT easy to live out of a suitcase; I pray He will soon lead you to your own nest.

    My day? Finished a Christmas project (yay!), picked up supplies at the drugstore, helped hubby bring ornaments down from the attic and started decorating the tree. Took a nap and then had a meaningful small group meeting on zoom. I’ve had minor headaches for the past week or so and they are draining. You remind me to focus on Jesus, Jehovah Rapha and the one who walks with us through every situation. Thank you!

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    1. Thank you so much, Carol! My prayer is to radiate his love! I’m glad it comes through.

      I’m sorry about your headaches. Those are draining! It’s hard to function with pain. I’m glad you’ve been able to accomplish Christmas projects and decorating as well as your relationships. And yay for naps! I pretty much need one every day. Yes! I love being reminded of the many facets of Jesus through his various names. =)


  2. I’m so much like you! As soon as I get a glimpse of where Jesus is pointing me, I want to ‘beam me over, Jesus’ instead of the trudge/crawl/climb He actually requires from me to get there. I think He shows me where I’m headed to give me focus because it motivates me. And you’re right – I need the strength incurred from the journey to be prepared when I finally arrive.

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