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New Release Available NowA Deadly SilenceDeadly Silence Cover

What would her silence cost those she loves?

Sara Maree Matley didn’t expect the contents of a moving box to blow apart her world. And when did her husband become her worst enemy? Her ideal family life hangs on the edge of destruction, and her silence is a deadly accomplice that could push them over the brink. In order to survive, Sara must find her voice and make the hardest choice she’s ever faced.



Dangerous Ground

Dangerous_Ground_Cover_for_Kindle (2)

Can the trauma of her past save someone’s future?

Sierra Jane Hart,  a Southwest Florida nature guide, witnesses a random murder in the woods. She manages to evade the perpetrators and put the incident behind her until a man attacks her and two young girls go missing. Is there a connection? Sierra thinks so.

But Detective Bentley doesn’t trust Sierra. In fact, he doesn’t trust any woman since his wife deserted him, leaving him to care for their four-year-old daughter alone. But Sierra’s sincerity and solid faith in the midst of escalating circumstances challenge him to reconsider his vow to never trust God or a woman again.

In their search to uncover the truth, Dan and Sierra are forced to deal with their pasts. When they discover a secret of Sierra’s childhood, the hunt for the elusive criminals becomes personal. Can they find the endangered girls before it’s too late?  Find Out Here.


Rachel’s SonRachel's Son Book Cover (2)

A journey of broken faith.

Rachel’s only son, two-year-old Micah, is slaughtered by Roman soldiers searching for the prophesied Messiah, sending her life on a trajectory of angry bitterness and further devastation.

Titus, a Roman soldier, harbors a terrible secret and would do anything to rid himself of the guilt he carries. But when circumstances force him to revisit the place of his treacherous deed he can’t reveal the truth.

Unexpectedly thrown together, Rachel and Titus both seek peace, but finding it with each other isn’t enough. Only an encounter with Jesus can force them to face the trauma of their past.

Will Titus release the burden he’s concealed? And what will it take for Rachel to forgive the Forgiver and find life again?  ORDER NOW

The Miracle of Us: Confessions of an Online Dater

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She was a twice divorced mother of four. He was a widower with three young children. With 8,000 miles between them, God gave them a second chance at love. And their adventure started on the internet. Base on the author’s true story.


Is this really happening?

I surveyed the scene around me as an observer, despite my role as the primary participant. The delicate gown of ivory lace hanging from a cupboard door whispered reality. My bridesmaids sharing a mirror to apply makeup nodded at me in confirmation. A few close friends conversing over croissant sandwiches and grapes solidified the certainty of this remarkable day. My youngest granddaughter attempted first steps on wobbling legs.

At forty-seven, starting over after two failed marriages seemed frivolous and impossible even for an optimist like me. I believed God could do incredible things, but marriage a third time? After my previous heartbreak, marriage seemed like an attempt to grasp a school girl’s dream.

Only now it wasn’t merely a dream. It was becoming a reality.

God was offering me another chance at life with my soul mate.

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Voices of the Past

Real estate agent, Aimee Wells, is rebuilding her life after tragic loss. When missing high school sweetheart, Chase Thomas, reappears, Aimee must reevaluate her relationship with God and Chase. Can she trust either of them? And will another voice from her past be more than she can handle?

Chapter 1

The day Aimee Wells dreamed of and dreaded for ten years arrived without warning.

The nautical sign of Ocean Front Properties shifted with the breeze as the front door closed, sending a brush of air to chill her, despite the warm spring day. Her routine message checking paused. A momentary sense her life was about to change wafted over her with the draft.

Slipping the office phone back into its place, she stared at a growing silhouette now eclipsing the sun which streaked through paned windows.

The apparition towered over the edge of her pristine, mahogany desk. The dusky green of his eyes flashed in her mind before she looked.

It couldn’t be.

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Just RightA rainy day and a backyard tree lead a little girl to discover that God created things exactly as they should be.