Facing Our Pain

I’ll come straight to the point. I’ve come to recognize other women like myself who have tried to protect themselves by denying the truth of trauma, abuse or sexual addiction in their lives or their spouses’ lives. But the protection we think we create actually prolongs our pain and hurts those we love as well. … More Facing Our Pain

True Confessions

He told me everything I ever did.” Samaritan woman at the well.   John 4:39 Remember this was the woman who Jesus took the time to converse with when she went to draw water, hoping no one would be around.   Jesus offered her “living water” or a life of freedom, abundance and no condemnation. And … More True Confessions

Water Anyone?

We continue our series on deliverance from spiritual bondage… In our trouble, there is hope. Jesus is always waiting for us with open arms. And he finds ways to draw us to himself so we will want to seek what he has for us. Like the woman we’ve been reading about. First, Jesus spoke to … More Water Anyone?