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Athens, Greece Women’s Conference

Choose from any of the following topics, or ask about having Laura prepare a talk based on your event theme. Contact Laura using the form below.

Our Pain: A Door of Hope  – God leads us through the desert of our pain and turns it into a door of hope. Based on Hosea 2.

Without a Word – I Peter 3:1-3 exhorts us women to let our inner beauty shine in such a way as to influence our husbands. We’ll look at the truth about submission, and how our behavior really can speak louder than our words.

That Pesky Proverbs 31 Woman – We’ve all read the chapter in Proverbs that sets our hearts fluttering with anxiety. How can we possibly measure up? But maybe what we need is a new perspective…

Respect, Reverence and Reality – Even in captivity and less than desirable circumstances, Daniel shows us the true meaning of respect, and how to carry it out to our benefit. Based on Daniel 1.

Homeschooling Without a Hitch – Educating our children at home is both scriptural and possible. Laura home educated six of her seven children at various times over two decades and shares her experiences for those considering or currently homeschooling.

Purposeful Parenting – God has a plan for parenting. He’s the best. We’ll examine what “train up a child” actually means.

Free From Abuse – Every relationship has its challenges, but healthy relationships build up rather than tear down. Discover how to recognize if you are in an abusive situation, and how you can take steps to become free.

Fairy Tales & Frustrations  – Marriage can be the fairy tale we dream of, but not without being intentional. Laura shares what she and her husband have learned about marriage from the years following their miracle beginning.

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