What If You Could Hear God?


Have you ever wondered if you could hear from God how that might change things in your life?

Maybe you’ve listened to people who say “I heard God say…” and thought they were deluded, misguided, bragging, or fanatical?

Who actually hears God?


Yep. You read that correctly. Everyone can hear God.

Because he speaks to everyone. All. The. Time.

The real question is are we listening? Do we recognize his voice when he speaks? Can we distinguish his words from the barrage that we deem is our own thoughts or maybe other “voices”?

The truth is that God says when we seek him, he’s waiting to be found. When we talk to him, he’s listening and will answer us. We can call him Father (Rom. 8:15), and we are his sons and daughters. The Bible tells us that even when we don’t know how to pray, the Holy Spirit groans on our behalf to God.

Sound too good to be true?

It is good, AND it’s true.

Here’s the thing…do you recognize your parent’s voice? Your children, spouse or best friends? Why?

You spend or spent time with them in close settings. They are familiar because you’ve been around them so much. You’ve paid attention to when they speak and what they say. You’ve listened to them and talked with them. Sometimes you can even finish their sentences because you know them so well. Right?

Jesus says his sheep know his voice. Sheep know their shepherd’s voice because they are in his/her care all day and night long. They hover around their shepherd. They’re in his/her presence all the time. They recognize the voice of the one caring for them.

They also know the difference between an enemy and the shepherd. When a wolf comes, the sheep huddle around each other, knowing it isn’t their caretaker.

We are like those sheep. Jesus cares for us. He searches for us when we’re lost. His voice is stern when calling us back from danger and lovingly kind when he’s ministering to our wounds or needs. When we spend time with him, we will know his voice.

When he speaks, we will hear him.

There’s no great mystery or secret about hearing God if we want to. If we’re asking. If we’re listening.

Jesus said many times in his word:

He who has ears, let him hear.” Matthew 11:15

I hear him. You can too.

Sometimes he speaks through his word, the Bible, sometimes through a friend, leader or pastor. He speaks through creation, music, art, pictures(visions) and dreams. Often, he whispers in our hearts, and sometimes we may even hear his audible voice.

If you want to hear him, ask him to help you. If you don’t know him, tell him you want to.

Hearing God is for everyone and anyone who so desires. We are all his children. He loves us. He’s for us. He wants us to know him. And we CAN hear him.

If we’re listening.

Time for a Makeover

Yes, I’m in the middle of a rewrite. Again.

But that’s not the makeover I’m talking about. The makeover to which I refer is the one the girls in your life can experience upon reading Sherry Kyle’s new book, The Girl’s Guide to your Dream Room.

A timeless treasure chest of stories, ideas, quizzes, and practical advice, The Girl’s Guide to your Dream Room, opens a new world of design for young ladies. In addition, it leads them through short Bible applications that tie in with each chapter’s theme. Your girls will enjoy the Interior Design 101 sections which offer lessons in art, decor, furnishings and more. This fun filled, DIY guide also offers Tiny Tips for room decorating and organization.

The easy to read layout made it fun to explore.   DSC_0047 (2)

My 13 year old daughter, Bella, has enjoyed taking the quizzes and filling out brief questionnaires to discover the styles and colors that best suit her. After reading and doing the activities in the first chapter, she came to find me, full of excitement and room design ideas she wants to implement as soon as she can!  Needless to say, she loves the book. We are even using it for her home schooling art classes since it has so much incredible information and project ideas.

And the book came with a key chain!

That, of course, made it an instant hit with Bella.

Highly recommended, a lot of fun, packed with great info – a great Christmas gift idea.

Go to Sherry’s website to order or for more of her fabulous books.