Letting Go

3rd Anniversary Brendan Zip lining Mt Hermon, CA“God does not want to punish us for clinging to our past—He wants to love us into our future.” Rev. Samuel Rodriguez

Sometimes we hold onto our past as if by letting it go we will lose something, when in fact, we lose more by clinging with a tight fist.

Moving forward means we have to look ahead.

When I was about seven, I attended a school with a set of rings on the playground. You know the metal ones that hang from chains? I’d grab the first ring and stand paralyzed for a few seconds while the kids in line would yell “Hurry up!”

“Come on.”

“Just go already.”

The problem wasn’t that I couldn’t swing to the second ring. The problem was that in order to keep going across, I had to let go of the ring behind me. That’s where the fear gripped me. When doubts set in.

What if I wasn’t strong enough? What if I couldn’t reach it? What if I missed and fell?

I love how patient God is. He isn’t the kids yelling at us from behind. He’s standing at the future, reaching out to us, calling our name, giving us courage and pushing the next ring toward us so we’re sure to reach it and get a good grip.

Even if we stand there a little longer than necessary, he never punishes us for it. He coaxes us ahead.

What are you waiting for?


What’s Holding You Down?

My featured author this month is Rivera Douthit, who has recently released a new book, Zero Gravity, that lifts us into the heights of the kingdom of God. I encourage you to check it out and order your copy now!

IMG_3320We were designed to ride on the heightsZero Gravity. 

In a world pressured by a search for security, author Rivera Douthit, calls you to soar higher, above the force of gravity, beyond what you see with your natural eyes. Zero Gravity is an invitation into the realm of the supernatural. We are on the precipice of the greatest move of God in history! We must know how to live from heavenly places!

With the message of identity, authority, and unity this book will encourage you to:

  •  Rise above the resistance of the enemy (to reign with Christ {on earth}).
  •  Embrace the healing power of The Miracle-Working God.
  •  Recognize the power of a unified body sustained by the Holy Spirit.
  • Realize your dreams and find the courage to step into them.

Being held down by the weight of this world is opposite of the design God has for us. Be awakened as a son/daughter to the limitless, abundant life! May your soul recalibrate as your spirit learns to live from the weightless atmosphere of heaven!



Rivera Douthit is a clear and effective communicator of truth who longs to see people healed and set free. With a beautifully straightforward style, she inspires people to know their identity and authority in Christ. She stands on the Bible as the final Word. With a passion for revival, evangelism, and unity in the Body, her greatest desire is to always point to the only One who matters, Jesus.


How Transparent Are You?

“Being transparent is not always easy, but it’s healing and can be a blessing to others.”           Jerry Rose

Jelly fish at Monterey Bay Aquarium. Monterey, CA

The November 2016 issue of Today’s Christian Living offered a great article by Jerry and Shirley Rose titled The Power of Authenticity. The couple talked about being real with others when we face difficult situations in our lives, and how it can open up lines of communication as well as create a place for others to feel safe in being vulnerable.

I experienced this when speaking at a women’s retreat a number of years ago.

Our team sensed we needed to be vulnerable in sharing the broken places of our pasts and how God was redeeming those places. Our stories offered hope to hurting women, most of whom had never opened up and shared any specific suffering of their lives before this event.

After our team bared our souls to these women, one by one they approached us to pour out their hearts to us and request prayer.

Lives were touched.

Aching hearts were healed.

New relationships began.

It was an experience I will never forget. The impact on my life equaled if not exceeded the change in those I spoke to and prayed for. I still carry those women collectively in my heart and pray for them.

Our progress forward can stall when we hide our failings, hurts and secrets.

In the above mentioned article, Jerry Rose shared his own story about having hearing loss that he refused to deal with until it began to cause problems in his work and relationships. When he finally made the decision to be honest about his situation and get help, he says it was “incredibly freeing.”

Being up front about his challenges meant he no longer had to work so hard at hiding.

Jerry states that once we embrace and name our problems, we can “move forward toward healing.”

He says,

“Whatever it is you are hiding, ask God to help you to be honest with yourself and have the courage to bring those secrets into the light of day. That is where true healing and ministry can happen.”

Taking our life forward means being honest with ourselves and others about our stuff.

Not only do we move ahead in our lives, but our transparency helps others grow too.

I call that a win, win!

Your turn. What area of your life do you need to open up about? Is there a time when you shared something that made someone else feel safe about telling their stuff too?

Post a comment or contact me @ laurabennet14@gmail.com if you’d like to share in private.

How to Enjoy Life More

I’m in Hebrews chapter 3 today with some simple steps to enjoy God’s restful presence.

View from my friends' lanai

I need that.

FIX our thoughts on Jesus. (vs.1)

HOLD onto our courage and hope in him. (vs.6)

Don’t HARDEN our hearts against what God whispers to us. His ways are good. (vs.8)

ENCOURAGE each other. (vs.13)

HOLD firm to the confidence we had in God at the beginning – when we first discovered or understood him. (vs.14)

It really is simple but sometimes with life pushing and pulling at us, we forget.

Hope this helps!