Keep Stepping

20160223_082728I wonder how farmers feel when they first plant seeds and then wait for the results?

A harvest takes an entire season of plowing, planting, watering, cultivating, weeding, tending and, well…waiting. An entire season. Not a few days or weeks. Even though some plants sprout quickly, (thank you beans in kindergarten classrooms!), they still require nurturing before we get to enjoy the fruit (or veggie) of our labor.

From what I understand, growing seasons for vineyards and orchards take years before the first fruit appears. And then pruning is the only way to increase the growth. When we had an apple tree in our backyard, I had to cut off the branches each year so the tree would produce the following season.

This is a lesson for me today.

In building our lives, letting God transform us or building a dream, a business, a family or anything of significance, time is required. Often, it’s easy to grow impatient when we don’t see results within the time frame we expect or hope for.

Today I’m telling myself,

“Don’t be discouraged when your steps don’t lead to “leap” results immediately.

Keep stepping.

Cumulative effort is solid and most effective.

God is in the steps.

Leap out in faith, but walk in diligent trust and obedience.”

Maybe that helps you today too?