Do It Scared!

This could be your best year ever. According to Michael Hyatt, leadership mentor and best-selling author of Living Forward, if you wait until you aren’t scared, it won’t happen. What is “it”? The possibilities for your life. And 2017 could be the year that turns it around. We’ve been working on taking our lives forward … More Do It Scared!

Finding an Agent

After a few trusted author sources recommended I find an agent, I began the search last month. I printed a list of recommended literary agencies off Michael Hyatt’s website, and proceeded to examine each agency website. Thoroughly. Even though I’m not exactly sure what I’m looking for. I pray as I search, so I guess … More Finding an Agent

Brand Yourself

I think I’ve finally grabbed hold of the message. This past year of writing, I’ve wrestled with all the usual writer issues like: Keeping my butt in the chair (distractions at home with family…need I say more?) Putting actual (and many) words on a page–or computer screen now that I’ve succumbed to technology Believing I … More Brand Yourself