It’s That Simple – Part 5

The Week After Christmas

It's the week after Christmas and all through the town, 
people sigh with relief and think of when to take down 
the tree and it's trimmings, the lights on the house, 
the snowflakes, and candles, or return the new blouse?

But the manger with angels and wise men afar, 
do we pack it away like we load up the car?
What if Jesus could stay in our lives all year long? 
What if joy, peace, and love were more than a song?

Could life be as simple as receiving a babe 
and believing the man who said he would save?
Does the letdown of Christmas have to stay in our hearts 
with no hope 'til next year when holidays start?

Today as you're thinking of what is to come, 
the debt-laden bills and "will there ever be sun?"
Remember that Christmas is more than a story, 
in an old book--it's about heavenly glory

Our Father in heaven loved us so much
that he sent his son Jesus to keep us in touch
He longs for our heart to respond back to him, 
with love for our Savior and faith deep within

He did all the work years ago on the cross
If we choose to say "no" we're the ones suffering loss
But if we say "yes" to being with Him, 
he'll keep us forever and save us from sin

It's simple, not easy to give up our pride
and choose to be humble and trust that he died
For every dear child he made from the start. 
God doesn't need money, he just wants your heart

He's light in this darkness, the answer to fear. 
He's willing and waiting for all who will hear
Today can be Christmas with peace all the time, 
if only we'll trust him and our ways decline

Yes, it's that simple.

New Wine

The last post showcased the first poem Brendan wrote for me.  In honor of National Poetry Month, I share a poem I wrote for Brendan:

New Wine

His world is grey and rain pours down

His breath is gone, in pain he drowns

No sense, no comprehension found

Where did she go, and why, why now?


Hearts scream at God’s untimely plan

Death in spring, no place to stand

When life bursts forth with beauty grand

We say goodbye with empty hands


Young hearts and old will carry on

In numbness, grief, all hope, but gone

This tragic loss, paused life not done

These soldiers drag their bodies home


Memories flood the halls and rooms

Kids tucked in and bright full moons

Tears and laughter mingle soon

Dirge and melody played in tune


Then comes the time to say farewell

To hold the past, but lose the hell

Hearts cry less, and memories swell

No longer on the loss they dwell


Into his world a light has dawned

An unexpected gift from God

With ray of hope and life, a bond

Is formed in hearts and souls abroad


It makes no sense, and yet it brings

New life and once again, they sing

Where burdened hearts despaired, the King

Brought love and life, not former things


But now the challenge comes at last

To say goodbye, put down the past

Embrace new life and hold it fast

Trust Him who leads in all that’s passed


Old skins will never new wine hold

Without they burst with sorrow old

And lose the love and joy foretold

To forge ahead; be brave, be bold


What lies behind, now lies ahead

But with another heart instead

And greater joy surpasses dead

When love’s embraced, and past lives shed

His Love Heals

Another miscellaneous excerpt…

Brendan and I took our relationship in leaps and bounds. We continued to write poetry for one another finding that the Lord used the words to reach a deeper place in each of our hearts that needed healing, deliverance and a voice of expression. Because of my past experiences, I didn’t trust men. But Brendan wasn’t like most men I had known and his kindness, caring and tender heart melted my cold sense of self-preservation. The walls that the Lord had been carefully dismantling over the previous five years or so suddenly began to tumble like Jericho. I felt the words of Brendan’s poetry loosen the grip of protection I kept on my cautious heart. Pain slipped away with my tears as I read the verses.

Just as God tells us that we love because he first loved us (1 John 4:19), I responded to the love the Lord showered on me through Brendan. Not only was I growing to love this man, but I was also falling more deeply in love with Jesus.

This is the way I always thought a relationship should be. I thought. The Lord drawing me to Brendan and Brendan drawing me to the Lord. It was the same for him. I sensed such a hunger in his heart for God, and I believe Brendan wasn’t even aware of the urgency behind it. God gave me poems for him as well that spoke to the pain he suffered due to the loss of both his parents and his wife. But I also felt the Lord impress on me that he had a new life for Brendan—something so much deeper, broader and greater than he had ever experienced before.

Nevada Seasons
Lightning crack follows the arc
Enchanting fields dissolving dark
Warning silent bear and lark
From whence appears that mighty spark?
Nevada heat to swelt the hour
Tabled milk and fruit to sour
Overturned by rampant shower
Who is HE that holds such power?
Browning leaves complete their quest
Fall to earth entombed at rest
Enrich the soil no longer guest
Transform and feed at HIS behest
Naked tree but sieves the breeze
Scarecrow waves an empty sleeve
Errant bird not south nor leave
Mistake mistake tis no reprieve
Dull the scene denotes the change
Coyote coat retains its mange
Burrow deep upon the range
Await the coming tide to wain
Then the driving snow the blizzard
Limb and line downed and scissored
Cracked the earth and left her fissured
Pagans chant behold the wizard!
Errant bird silenced song
Not here not now did not belong
No flight nor scurry nor living throng
Abound the tundra and river long
Blanket white changing scene
Fold it back reveal the green
Arrest the wind that cuts obscene
Replace rejoice now breath serene

Birth of spark we aim to seek
Yet promised to the mild the meek
Blessed are the poor the weak
Upon their card of life a streak
Says the LORD behold MY WORD
By him with ear be ME heard
Turn away the seer absurd
I AM I AM MY WORD referred
If you would love be firm and tender
To your heart then I may send her
Hold her cover her through you I mend her
Then her KING she will remember
For I AM source of spark and mist
The churning sea will not resist
Her eyes will soften search and whist
When love embraced, entwined and kissed

by Brendan