What Does a Real Writer Write?

It finally happened.

I have nothing to write about. Oh, I’m working on three different projects with another fifteen lined up on a waiting list, but for my blog? Zilch. Writing something simply to create a post seems so, so…lame. I long to be helpful, encouraging, informational to others, not a wielder of words for the sake of a post quota.

Usually, creative ideas waterfall from me, and I lament the lack of time and finger strength to keep up, but not today. And that leads me to a confession. For all of you who have wondered what to write, wrestled over words and attempted to extricate some meaningful post out of air while I judged you as curious subjects who didn’t seem to have a clue: I’m sorry. I apologize. I have no excuse for looking down on your writing woes. Perhaps, and I offer this only as a meager explanation, I was blinded by my novice stature and ignorance of true grit in the writing world.

Please forgive me. 

Consider this appallingly brief post as a mere token of my apologies and admiration for all you true authors who have experienced writer’s block or a blank mental screen and lived to tell the tale and write another day. (Isn’t it apropos to end with trite clichés?)

Ever experienced writer’s block or blank? How do you get back on track?