Love, War and Sex

My husband and I celebrated our third year anniversary this week. We were fortunate to take off for a few days on an adventure of zip lining through the forest near our home (Mt. Hermon Redwood Canopy Tours), then on to Half Moon Bay where we enjoyed good food, window shopping, long conversations, watching airplanes … More Love, War and Sex


What Would You Like to Know? People seemed stunned and curious when I tell them my husband, Brendan, and I met on, an internet dating site. Usually questions fly as soon as I relate a few of the details like: He was widowed with three young children and I, divorced with four grown children; … More INTERNET DATING FAQ

Christmas Proposal

I can’t believe that I am celebrating my fourth Christmas with Brendan; well, I’m counting that first one when we booked a quick flight on December 9th for me to fly out the twelfth and be with him in Australia until two days before Christmas because I couldn’t bear to be away from my kids … More Christmas Proposal

How Did You Know?

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting a couple of young women from Switzerland and as usually happens when we first meet someone, the topic came up of how I met my husband. If you’ve been following my blog, you’ve read how it usually goes… Me:”We met online.” New acquaintance: “No way! Really?” Me: “Yep. … More How Did You Know?