Let the New Year Begin!

Since we’re all about taking life forward, we’re ready to embrace the New Year, right?DSC_0033

I’ve posted mostly about our emotional and spiritual well-being, but something I read recently grabbed my attention, and I wanted to share it.

The article was in AARP magazine.

I know, the magazine for old folks. Don’t freak out. The information is great and appropriate for most ages. (You wish you were over 50!)

What I loved was that the article, Younger Next Year, adapted from the book by Chris Crowley and Henry S. Lodge, M.D., with the same title, gave us great insight on how to live well.

It’s taking life forward physically.

Even if you haven’t crossed the 50 year line, starting now will put you in an even better place then. Following this team’s guidelines has helped millions and can help you too. They have 7 rules to stop aging that include exercise-both cardio and strength, living within your means, eating fresh food, and being committed and caring with others.

Clearly their plan also includes ideas to nurture your emotional life too which benefits us physically. None of us know when our time is up, but we can live the time we have to the fullest. Jesus said he came to give us an abundant life!

Now’s the time to evaluate where you want your life to be headed next year. You have choices for every area of your life. Each step leads in a direction that can take you where you want to end up.

God’s best is waiting for you.

2 thoughts on “Let the New Year Begin!

  1. Great message on being younger next year no matter what day it is. It reminds me of this amazing book, “It’s ABOUT Time: The Divine Journey etc” where our time is so precious and we must enjoy and appreciate it NOW! I can bet you will be younger next year! Love and blessings, Lisa

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