Confessions of a Life Apart from Writing

My real life took precedence over my writing life yesterday even when I considered myself prepared and actually accomplished quite a bit of work. Let me explain my dilemma.

I made plans to spend the day with a friend at the hospital as she had a pretty substantial procedure done. I knew ahead of time that I would probably not be able to post as usual, and even warned myself to write ahead of time (HA! like that happens) or at the very least take my computer and post remotely from location. I’m clearly not techie enough yet because in the early morning hours when the thought buzzed through my mind like a hummingbird off to it’s next flower, I wondered “why in the world would I need my computer?” And I grabbed plenty of paperwork to accompany me, but left my computer closed on my desk. Any normal techie of today’s world would have brought the computer, not necessarily any paperwork (since it would all be ON the computer). Alas, I’m still an old school girl.

Hence, why my regular post has been postponed (pun intended) until today. Sorry my friend who may have looked for me at the three o’clock feeding, I didn’t have it in me at 11:30 last night. Trying to make it up here with two…online dating soon to come…

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